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Technology for educators by educators

Learning and Assessment Management Platform (LAMP)

Powered by an agile learning and assessment management engine, LAMP enables institutions to adopt a modern technology driven approach towards building a strong instructional design and teaching practice for educators, ensuring that each element of the teaching-learning eco-system is fully addressed.

LAMP is aligned to the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and promotes multiple NEP mandates, including the 'Use of Technology' to bring in systemic changes, Defining and Tracking 'Learning Outcomes', smart, technology driven assessments while encouraging a system of Continuous Review, among others.


On one hand, the traditional education system continues to be a teacher centric system of rote learning with limited problem solving and critical thinking skills. On the other, modern tech-based content platforms focussed on self-learning leaves the entire onus of learning on the student – bypassing the formal education system. Both these models fail to address assessment driven learning outcomes. As a result, most institutions are faced with challenges on institutional development, empowering teachers and maintaining desired student outcomes.


LAMP, facilitates institutions to adopt a learner centric, ‘Assessment-First’ (as opposed to a rote based content-first approach) approach and driving a robust data-driven outlook to defining, tracking and measuring student outcomes; this holds the key to all round institutional development - of institutions, teachers and the most important of stakeholders - the students.

LAMP Framework
LAMP Key Features
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edTree's EC  Framework


Driving Student Engagement

Engaged students are the heartbeat of any vibrant learning environment. When students are engaged, they become active participants in their own education, eagerly seeking knowledge and embracing the learning process with enthusiasm.


LAMP, coupled with our Learning Experience Design models, enables creating an engaged learning environment, where students are not passive recipients of information; they become collaborators, critical thinkers, and problem solvers. They ask questions, engage in discussions, and explore topics beyond the prescribed curriculum. Engaged students take ownership of their learning, setting goals and striving to achieve them, empowered by the belief that they can make a difference in their own lives and the world around them

EC5 Model

Key Features

With edTree's LAMP, teaching, learning and assessments no longer need to be boring or drab. Our engine sports the latest in Web technologies to bring in an entirely new world of teaching-learning tools, formative, summative and evaluative assessment tools along with a vast set of interactive assessment tools - making learning engaging and fun!

Device Independent

Device Independent

No need to download or install apps. Works will all modern browsers

Easy to Use

Intuitive and East to Use

Intuitive and easy to use user interface with minimal learning curve

Samrt Grading

Smart Grading System

Automate the entire grading process, including offline/online grading


Expandable Architecture

Robust and expandable architecture. Can handle hundreds  of concurrent users

Assessment Tools

Range of Assessment Tools

The widest range of Assessment tools for every possible assessment need

Automated Assessments


Pre-design and automatically activate assessments with custom attempt and ‘time-windows'

AI Tech

AI based Reporting Engine

Easy to interpret rich AI driven analytical reports and predictions


Highly Customizable

Highly customisable grading setup allows custom scales, grading schemes, and much more

Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning Experience

Rich set of interactive assessment tools for creating  immersive learning experiences


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